Dishing it up, winter warmers

Winter is well and truly here, people!

The air’s crisp, the morning surf is icy, and the ole’ puffer jackets are getting a workout - outside and inside the house.

Winter misery loves company, so we’ve come to the rescue with meals that will keep you cosy and warm all winter long. 

But we’re not about the old-school dishes that leave you feeling like you’ve just had Mum’s Christmas lunch. We’re about creating twists on the classics so you still get that satisfied feeling along with more energy and importantly, more flavour! 

These are our winter warmers that’ll leave you feeling like spring can wait a little longer. 

Charcoal Spag Bol

Blackened spaghetti and rich bolognese sauce, flavoursome pesto, broccoli and cavolo nero finished with plant-based parmesan - it’s winter soul food that loves your bod.

Feel even better about your plant-based meal choice thanks to the charcoal element which can help with good kidney-functionality.

Head to the Mediterranean without leaving your house thanks to our moussaka bursting with the Greek goodness of oregano, Portuguese oil, and rich tomato sauce. 

It’s like lasagne but imagine pillowy potato instead of pasta sheets. Dreamy. 

Thai Yellow Curry

There’s something about curry that makes a freezing winter night feel alright ok, bearable. The creamy sauce, the touch of spice and a mixture of vegetables served with fluffy rice. Nothing better, right? Well, yes; our Thai Yellow Curry. Bold - but we have the Flave to back it up.

We’re taking a hunch that you may never have tried a plant-based almond yellow curry before, so we’re hedging our bets that your best-tasting curry is yet to come until you try ours. Served with green beans, broccoli and roasted red pepper on a hotbed of brown rice. It’s a little bit spicy, a little bit sour, and jammed packed full of flavour.

Shroomy Stroganoff
All the mushrooms, no weird side effects. Comfort food in the creamiest of forms thanks to plant-based sour cream. Packed with hearty and potassium-rich mushrooms, it’ll feel like you’re eating the original just 10 times better and 10 times better for you. 

Served with brown rice, green beans and cornichon pickles for the tang, there’s nothing you won’t like about this dish. 

For the love of lasagne

If you had to name the top five most popular winter dishes, lasagne would be up there. Creamy, cheesy, tomato-y – eating lasagne is like watching Friends’ seasons for the 18th time; it’ll always be a classic choice.

And it’s no different with our lasagne. Spinning the original, we’ve created a plant-based lasagne that’ll satisfy even the most traditional of Nonna’s. 

Lucky Irish Stew
You don’t need to visit Ireland to know an Irish stew is a ripper winter course. Hearty, homely, and with a heavy dose of Guinness…. 

Flave’s Lucky Irish Stew has all the flavour and comfort you could imagine in a traditional Irish stew, with a few little surprises thrown in. Our chefs have used shiitake mushrooms, plant-based gravy and roasted tomatoes to create their own unique taste while ensuring our Fla-vores’ still get the satisfaction they’re craving. 

The Italian Job
We ballin’. Sorry, you’ll find no Mini Coopers or Charlize Therons in this dish but you will find hearty-tasting, protein-packed ‘meatballs’ that’ll more than get the ‘job’ done.

Rich Napoli sauce, eggplant parmigiana and fresh pesto, not forgetting the impressive ‘meatballs’ with taste and texture better than the original – trust us, you’ll want to add this one to your Flave plan. 


Take a look at the full Flave menu here before selecting a Flave meal subscription plan to suit you and your lifestyle. 

Flave on!