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We’re launching Flave restaurants across the globe, starting right here in Bondi.

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Flave every week with a plant-based meal subscription

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So, you’ve tried Flave for yourself and you’re impressed - how can plant-based food taste this good, right?! We hear you - our chefs are wizards in the kitchen and we’re proud of it.

But now you’re likely wondering how to best fit Flave in and around your life. Should you order on a whim when you need us, should you set up a subscription? Choices, choices, choices.

The reason we offer a meal subscription service to the Flave business is because we truly want to make eating flavourful, good for you and good for the planet food as convenient and second-nature as checking the ‘Gram daily.

Because if it’s hard and just another thing to add to your to-do list, then it’s a lot more likely you’ll forget and bring up the Uber Eats app quicker than you can say food regret.

So, what are the true benefits of choosing a Flave plant-based meal subscription? We’re glad you asked...

1. It makes sticking to your goals easy

There’s not a single person among us who doesn’t want to feel healthier. And whether your goal is to get stronger, leaner, faster or become as flexible as a twister balloon at a kid’s birthday party, it’s the little habits we do every day that’ll get us there. Making these habits as convenient as possible will pay a big role in achieving your goals faster. 

Importantly, to achieve any and all of these goals, nutrition is going to play a huge part - so why make it any harder than it needs to be? By having delicious, fresh and prepped meals in your fridge day in, day out, it’s one less component you need to worry about in getting closer to your goals. 


2. Prepared meals = more time for you, boo

There is nothing, and we mean nothing, more deflating than eating dinner and settling in for a night of trash TV to then realise you’ve watched three episodes too many of Love Island, it’s past your bedtime, and your sink of dirty dishes is still staring at you.

With a Flave meal subscription, sayau revoir to the age old-game of dish Tetris - that’s one life skill you can do without. Remove cooking, excess dishes, ‘it’s your turn to wash up’ arguments and insert more self-care, time for hobbies, Netflix and chilling or evening margs on the balcony - you do you, boo. 

3. A weekly drop straight to your door - who doesn't lovedeliveries?! 

There’s something special about arriving home to see a delivery on your doorstep. 

What makes it more epic is knowing it’s going to fit (taste) just right, you’re not going to want to send it back and even after you’ve consumed the contents, next week you’ll get to experience the feeling, aka, the flavour, all over again!

It’s a present from you, to you, errry week. Damn, that’s some self-love right there. 

4. Welcome back, Sunday afternoon 

Don’t be that guy or girl - the one who turns down Sunday plans because they’ve got to grocery shop and slave away in the kitchen for six hours meal prepping for the week ahead. 

Be the guy and girl who go on Sunday adventures (or chill on the couch all day recouping for the week ahead) knowing that come Monday evening, their fridge is going to be choc-a-block withhealthymeals for the week. 

Reclaim your weekend with Flave’s meal subscriptions.

5. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 - FLAVE

The daily grind is hard enough let alone getting home from a long day to find that, yet again,Manu Feildel isn’t in your kitchen prepping your gourmet dinner - damn it, Manu! We feel your pain and we want to relieve some of that pressure by offering a recurring meal subscription that suits your lifestyle. 

We’ve made selecting a plant-based Flave meal subscription as easy as possible. Here’s how you get started:

  1. Select your plan: 7, 10, 15 or 18 meals a week. We’re here to suit you and the way you like to eat
  2. Customise your delivery: whether you want Flave all week every week, every second week or one-week per month - it’s up to you and your lifestyle 
  3. Now comes the best part - building your plan! Want 18 dishes of theSizzling Seoul - hey, no judgement. Want to alternate days between the breakfast Pud and Mad Mexican Breakfast Scramble? Excellent choice. Choose your meals and quantities and you’re well on your way to a Flavin’ week ahead
  4. Oh, and perhaps the second most important step after selecting your meals - make sure to register an account so you’re in the know with every step of your order until it’s delivered to your doorstep!

Flave on!

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