Why Plant-Based

Want to eat well for you and our planet but need a hand? Let us help with FLAVE’s home meal delivery.

FLAVE is tasty, nutritious & better for the earth.

From Australia. For a more sustainable world.  

Eating less meat helps the Earth 

We believe eating even a little less meat can change the future of our planet. 

Save the forests 

Animal agriculture is a a leading cause of deforestation. Even a few plant-based meals a week can help!  

Cut your carbon 

Cut your contribution to greenhouse gases with plant-based goodness. 

Love our furry friends 

150 billions animals are eaten by humans each year. Together, we can cut this down.   

FLAVE satisfies primal hunger and supercharges your health.

Eat well and feel great with the best-tasting food that’s good for you & better for the planet.

Feel awesome 

Energy from clean sources leaves you feeling amazing. Bloating after mealtimes? Not anymore! 

Reduce inflammation 

From skin redness to stomach pains, inflammation impacts everything. Reduce it with plant power!

Rebuild muscle 

The plant kingdom is full of protein-rich foods to help you gain strength & bulk. 

Energise your life 

Plant-based carb sources create glucose, the energy you need for workouts & daily activities.

Experience extrasensory eating pleasure with planetary impacts.